Course-Based uReply for Medicine Programme

The course-based uReply system for Medicine Programme ( is a classroom communication system developed by CLEAR of CUHK to engage students in teaching and learning.

The course-based uReply system is designed in such a way that each course will has its own course account, course coordinators and course administrators will be able to manage the question banks and responses from students in the course account together.

For the students to reply to the questions posted through this course-based uReply, they must login through uReply apps or a student interface ( using their SID and OnePass password. After the students have submitted their responses to an opinion poll or MCQ,
a report will be generated and the responses from students will be recorded within the course account.

To learn more about the course-based uReply system and the account information of your course, please Email: for more details.

Below is some useful information for reference:

1. How to setup questions in the course-based uReply system?

2. How can students reply to a question?

3. Instructions in using uReply(by CLEAR, CUHK)