eLearning Production

The E-Learning Production is a self-service studio set up by Faculty and Planning Office to facilitate the preparation of eLearning projects and courseware by the Faculty members. The acoustic treatment of the recording studio provides a quiet and echo-free environment that is excellent for the recording of narration for online lectures. A wide range of hardware and software are also available to meet the specific needs of your projects.


Sound-proof Recording Studio

The sound-proof recording studio provides a quiet environment for audio recording and video shooting. It is equipped with a desktop PC, high quality microphones, audio mixer, and a high quality web camera. Extra microphones, video prompter and professional camera can also be set up on request. The computer is installed with iSpring suite which is an easy-to-use and full-featured  e-Learning authoring toolkit for MS Powerpoint. Prior booking is required to use the sound-proof recording studio.
Online booking : http://webapps.med.cuhk.edu.hk/Reg/STUDIO/Reg_Studio.cfm


Multi-purpose Working Area

The multi-purpose working area is equipped with desktop computers with full set of software for e-Learning production. It is the preparation area and can be used for pre/ post editing of video contents or any e-learning materials. This is also the place where consultation/ training on the use of the software or equipment can be conducted.  This area is covered by CUHK Wi-Fi.

Technical Support

The Faculty and Planning Office will continue to provide FREE technical support services for Medicine programme (MBChB).
Technical support is available during office hour.
Please contact KC Lo at  3505-1460 kclo@cuhk.edu.hk



The E-Learning Production studio is located at Rm 74042, 5/F, Lui Che Woo Clinical Sciences Building, Prince of Wales Hospital

Note to users

  1. The E-Learning Production is a self-service multimedia production room.
  2. Please take care of your personal belongings.
  3. No eating and drinking is allowed in the room.
  4. For security reason, the room is under CCTV surveillance.