Educational Services

Continuous Medical Education (CME)

Secretarial support to CME for Non-specialist.
For public /  For CUHK administrator

Overview – CME Programme for Practising Doctors who are not taking CME Programme for Specialists (Non-specialist)

Guidelines on Credit Point System

Course & Teaching Evaluation (CTE)

Overview of Online CTE (pdf)
CTE User Quick Guide (pdf)

Download Requisition Forms: UGC-funded Postgraduate Programmes (docx / pdf )

Contact Person:  Heidi LAU

Item Banking

  • Provide item banking training workshops for departments and for students

  • Assist departments in administering online assessments

Contact Person:  Yan JIN

Grade Recommendation & Mark Transformation

Provide grading services for the departments within the Faculty of Medicine and their self-financed programs:

  1. Recommendation of exam grades according to University’s guideline
  2. Mark transformation through normalization of the exam components
  3. Feedbacks on student quartile ranking and grading distribution
  4. Summary statistics and correlations for exam marks of the total and its components

Download Service Forms: Self-Financed Programmes ( doc / pdf )

Contact Person: Patricia Tong

Optical Scoring

Provide optical scoring services for selected and constructed item formats such as MCQs, R-type etc. for undergraduate & postgraduate programmes.

  • Download Service Forms ( doc / pdf ) for Self-Financed  / Postgraduate Programme.

Contact Person:  Alex YUNG

Quality Assurance Activities

  • Coordinate programme reviews and documentation of QA activities
  • Coordinate the annual  Teachers of the Year Awards Ceremony
  • Provide administrative support for Deanery (Education) in teaching & learning enhancement projects and staff training workshops
Contact Person: Andy Lau

Item (Psychometrics) Analysis

Provide item analysis service on student assessments using IDEALTM software suite:

Contact Person: Alex Yung